CBF Hollywood-born Harold Joe Jr. in Dunedin Fl. is a multi-faceted artist and his style is a reflection of his life experiences - past and present. The Tarpon Springs, Florida native grew up in a world of diverse sounds. It all began when he was a little boy, Hollywood would hear his Grandfather playing his organ daily in preparation for Sunday’s morning service at church. Other family members of CBF Hollywood always played music in the household which molded the young Harold Jr. into the artist he is today.

In the beginning, CBF Hollywood wasn’t interested in becoming an artist. His interest was piqued after he discovered that making beats for his family members wasn’t enough for him. During their recording sessions, he would coach them on how they should rap on his beats. Soon Hollywood grew tired of doing this and decided to bring something different and fresh to the “Sunshine State’s” Hip-Hop scene. At that time, he proved that he is a contender in this game. He started developing his musical technique quickly which could be heard in his delivery. 

CBF Hollywood has only been in the industry for a decade but has worked with various major and independent artists and labels worldwide. He is heavily influenced by Master-P, Bone Thugs, 2Pac, Juvenile, and Trick Daddy. Recently, He collaborated with LA’s very own Slim 400 on his “Cruising LA” track and it’s one of his most listened singles to date. When it comes to Hip Hop, CBF Hollywood brings an innovative, energetic, and lyrical vibe to his music. He doesn't follow trends. Instead, he delivers a different Floridian energy rarely seen or heard in that market. The South Florida rapper makes music that forces you to believe his story with an unmatched sound. CBF Hollywood's music is trendy and showcases a style and lyricism that's unmistakably his own. He is known for his popular singles like “Dat Baby,” “Cruising LA,” “On Edge,” and “The Way We Live.” Collectively, the singles continue to amass over 25,000 streams on Spotify alone.

CBF Hollywood will officially drop his project  "Summertime Slide," just in time for the heat. As the owner of CBF Records, Hollywood is committed to delivering “feel good” music for the world to hear. There isn't anything the CEO can't do if he puts his mind to it. But even with his gifts, people try to count him out. CBF Hollywood will continue to rise to the occasion with fresh beats and innovative trap flows. He is well ahead of the game, so get "locked in" and ride this wave.